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In those particular times and current worldwide context, Le Châtelain Brussels Hotel has decided once again to differentiate itself by adopting a new philosophy and a unique and exclusive state of mind: NEVER GIVE UP!

A unique artistic concept

The hotel redecorated its walls, corridors, meeting spaces and public areas with unique beautiful creations full of positive and encouraging messages, created by the artist Mr Never Give Up. Known as one of the famous motivational artists, he spreads his optimistic messages through his paintings and sculptures for many years already. His gallery in Knokke has hosted internationally renowned artists such as for example Mrs Loes Van Delft and many others…

By becoming the first Never Give Up hotel in the world, beyond the comfort experience it offers, Le Châtelain now invites its customers and visitors to return home enriched by a feeling of well-being and fulfillment. It is a unique experience, from the entrance of the hotel with its illuminated facade where positive messages are being projected, the welcoming messages by the enthusiastic reception team, these same encouraging messages that you will find on paintings, works and screens throughout the hotel, an exclusive book published exclusively for the hotel and available in your room… The hotel also plans to organize soon motivational conferences and meetings with keynote speakers to help personal development. After this period of questioning, both professionally and personally, each of us can only be enriched by such an experience.

We Never Give Up, Sharing positivity around the world

In times of deep human struggle, we, as a society, need to rediscover the best in ourselves to move on. One of our most urgent roles is to help transform our consciousness in the direction of a world in which we do not have to fear.

#We Never Give Up is a beacon of hope in a stressful and competitive world. It is the glue that holds our dreams alive.

We have the power to make a difference, because the world of tomorrow is only going to be as liveable and successful as our story told today no matter how bad things get we will return much stronger.

Your story today can change the life of others tomorrow

#We Never Give Up – Is our only way forward.

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